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What Is Dust?

Cleaning Dust NH

While the make up of dust can vary from house to house, there are some common culprits to be aware of.

  • Dirt. The most common element in dust is plain ol’ dirt. It blows in through windows and doors and gets tracked inside on your family’s shoes.
  • Skin cells and hair. Your body is always shedding old skin cells and hair that it doesn’t need anymore.
  • Pet dander. Just like humans, our furry family members also shed skin cells and hair regularly.
  • Fabric fibers & lint. Tiny loose fibers from carpets, clothing, and other fabrics also contribute to dust.
  • Food debris. Small particles of food get left behind every time you eat. It all ends up somewhere.
  • Decomposing insects. While it is not so pleasant to think about, the tiniest pieces of insects inside your home get left behind as dust particles.
  • Soot. If you have a fireplace, soot could be a major contributor to airborne dust in your home.
  • Miscellaneous. Because the list can get extensive, miscellaneous particles may include, paint, kitchen grease, pollen, lint, and more.

To be seen by the human eye, a particle must measure at least 10 microns.

The most dangerous particles measure as small as .3 microns.

The tiniest of dust particles cannot be seen with the naked eye and can wreak havoc on your lungs.

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