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DustBuster's Dust Removal

Proudly serving the Upper Valley and other parts of New Hampshire

    DustBuster's Dust Removal specializes in dryer vent cleaning throughout New Hampshire. Dryer vent cleaning can reduce the amount of energy used, as well as lower the risk of dryer fire in your home or commercial property. Dryer fires are the leading cause of household fires. An annual or semi-annual dryer vent cleaning can help reduce the risk.

    As a specialty cleaning company our second focus is to eliminate dust and debris from the toughest, most challenging areas in your home. Going above and beyond the average home cleaning, DustBuster's Dust Removal offers a number of services such as:

  • Dryer Vent Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Radiator & Baseboard Cleaning
  • Spring & Fall Home Cleaning
  • New Home / Move In / Move Out Cleaning
  • Bathroom Vents / Ceiling Fans
  • High Dusting / Cobweb Cleaning
  • Post Construction Clean-Up

Customer Service


    Owned and operated by a lifelong New Hampshire resident; proudly serving New Hampshire as well as portions of the surrounding area. Driving across our beautiful state and meeting its residents on a day to day basis is one of the best parts about owning a local, small business.


    As a small business, its easy to keep track of our customer's needs so you'll never feel like you've been brushed aside or swept into the dark. Commitment to our customer's satisfaction is the number one driving force of DustBuster's Dust Removal.


    Passion is always needed when you expect great results. When you choose DustBuster's you can count on the dedication we have to providing customers with a great quality service and experience.

´╗┐Dust & Debris Removal Services Offered:

Dryer Vent Cleaning & Upgrades

    Dryer vent cleaning, to remove lint buildup; is an important service that most homeowners tend to overlook. Although out of sight, out of mind; lint can be very flammable; this service is recommended at least once per year by the US Fire Administration to help prevent household fires.

Cleaning Dryer Vent NH

Air Duct Cleaning

    Offering a deep clean of your air duct system eliminating dust and debris that has accumulated over the years. Duct cleaning is highly recommended if you have had remodeling done in your home, or any type of pest infestation. Breathe easy knowing the duct work in your home is clean.

Air Duct Cleaning NH
Dirty Radiator NH

Radiator & Baseboard Cleaning

    Going above and beyond your average cleaners; DustBuster's offers cleanings that specifically target the many nooks & crannies that your home offers as hiding places for dust, pet hair, and other debris. Removing the dust and pet hair from your radiators and baseboards improves heating efficiency by allowing heat to enter the air without obstruction.


Thank you for choosing DustBuster's Dust Removal for your cleaning needs. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to do so below. All appointment times and dates will vary based on scheduled availability.